Elite Dollars Guide: What You Need To Know

“Elite Dollars” or Elite Airpoints Dollar is an exclusive currency of Air New Zealand, and it provides various benefits to Elite Airpoints members. Using this upgrade, a member can request on flight upgrades using elite dollars instead of general currency. Requesting an update of Elite Airpoints Dollar is incredibly easy you can do it in either of two ways.elite dollars with air new zealand

You can either request the upgrade during booking time or by logging in to your Air New Zealand account. If none of these two methods suit you, you’re free to call the Contact Center of Air New Zealand. Sounds easy, right?

How are upgrades confirmed?

The elite dollar upgrades should ideally be made as early as possible or during the time of booking. This would allow the airline authorities to assess flight details before your departure, which will improve your chances of having the upgrade confirmed for use. It’s better if you request the upgrade at least seven days prior to the flight to increase your chances of getting OneUP upgrades.

If you’ve made the request a year in advance, the upgrade may get confirmed as early as 355 days before the flight. However, these upgrades are subject to class availability and the number of unsold seats available. Note that some seats remain reserved for commercial sale right up to the time of departure.

Important points

If your elite dollars upgrade is not confirmed, the points will be refunded back to your account will stop. A New Zealand Upgrades are only valid for flights operated by the Air New Zealand. Airpoints members will earn Elite Airpoints Dollar based on the earn rate of the original fare.air new zealand plane to use elite dollars on

Other benefits of becoming an elite member

Apart from elite dollars, there are a couple of dozen other benefits you can avail as an Air New Zealand elite member. The most important ones are the following:

• Lounge privileges

• Baggage allowance – domestic, short haul, an international

• Cabin baggage allowance – international and domestic

• Complementary frequent-flier seating

• Priority list waiting

• Priority boarding

• Priority check-in

• Priority baggage claim

• No Airpoints Dollar expiry

• Valet parking via Air New Zealand

Frequent flyers of Air New Zealand are welcome to the above-mentioned benefits so that traveling remains hassle-free and fun.

Elite Dollars or Elite Airpoints Dollar- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I give my elite dollars to someone else?Air_New_Zealand_self_check-in_centre,_Wellington_Airport

A. Yes, you can gift rewards to anyone as long as they live at the same address. Just add them to the Gifting Register and you’ll be all set to go. Log in to your online account, find the �Gifting Register’ on the �My Benefits’ tab to add them to your list.

Q. Can I transfer my Airpoints Dollars to a different member’s account?

A. No, you cannot directly transfer elite dollars to a member’s account. You can, however, gift rewards to someone who lives at the same address as you by using the Gifting Register feature. Elite members can gift rewards to up to 4 people every year, who are outside of the household. You must have enough dollars in your account to cover the gift amount for it to be a success.