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Globe Reacher is dedicated to travel. I will be discussing how to find and earn cheap travel, as well as other travel related topics. This blog was started at the start of 2016 and is a work in progress.  I am middle aged and have a bucket list to see a lot of places in the world. I am exploring the world of discount travel in order to achieve that travel blog

Globe Reacher Blog Topics will include:

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  • how to decide where to go

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General Cheap Travel Tips Online

Everybody loves to go on vacations to places far and near. However, it is likely that the high flight fares and accommodation prices can burn a big hole in your pocket. There is no magic formula that would help you to book the cheapest travel online,  but there are many resources on the Internet which will help to find the cheapest deals that are available.

Booking the Cheapest Flights Online

Booking a flight by itself is not an easy process. One has to check for any discounts that may be available, decide when to fly, zero in on the route to take, and make sure the price is right for you. Read on to find some tips on how to book the cheapest flights online.

Tip #1: Be flexible with travel dates. Avoid peak festival season holidays and be ready to choose weekdays over weekends. Book at least 3 weeks in advance (booking 6 to 8 weeks in advance is ideal). Also consider the time of the day for travel. Flights are most expensive between 7 and 10 am and 5 and 8 pm. It may also help to be flexible with airports that you would want to fly out of. Flying out of West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale may be cheaper than flying out of Miami.

Tip #2: Check multiple websites. Expedia and Webjet are sites that are frequently used for booking cheap flights. However, you can find cheaper options if you put in more time to go through entire search lists. It is a good idea to check the airlines’ own site before making a booking. Many a time, the hefty booking fees are not present.

Tip #3: Look out for realistic airfares. Don’t hold out for too long looking for cheaper deals that may never come online. Look for a ticket that matches the fare you have in mind or is cheaper. Do not compare what you paid with that of others. No two people pay the same price.

Tip #4: Most of the big airline companies release their discount prices about 11 months in advance. The cheapest fares peak in January. You can make your bookings for travels planned later in the year.

Tip #5: Register for pricing alerts from airline companies to be informed of the latest deals on offer.

Tip #6: It is a good idea to book on the spot as prices and availability change almost instantaneously.

Tip #7: Ensure that you check out destination tips of budget carriers (both inland and abroad) that do not figure in comparison lists/sites.

Finding the Cheapest Hotel Deals Online

Another cost prohibitive part of any travel plan is the hotel accommodation. It is essential to know that hotels fix the prices of their rooms using complex formulas that are related to demand and supply. Major events happening in the region influence the rise and fall of prices. Given below are some tips that will help you to save some money on accommodation costs during a vacation.

  • After checking online deals through hotel aggregator sites, make sure that you call them up directly. They may be ready to hand out a lower rate and you may end up saving the booking charges applicable to a site. Book as soon as you see a rate that you are prepared for.
  • If you really do not mind where you would want to stay, you can try to book mystery hotels through sites. The name is confirmed only after you have made the payment for the stay. Sometimes the savings work out to almost 30 to 40 percent.
  • Be sure to check out websites that offer presold rooms (but later cancelled) at discounted prices. Such rooms are usually available for about 75% of the original cost.
  • Be flexible about fixing your days of stay. The less busy days will show a drop in room prices. Whereas city stays are cheaper during the weekdays, country-side accommodation rates drop when the weekenders leave.
  • The shoulder season is that between the peak and low seasons. The demand for accommodation would be lower in that you will get better rates. However, the perks of the peak season may still be available.
  • It is a good idea to book your hotel rooms well in advance. This has greater chances of fetching you some discounts. Booking your accommodation 15 to 45 days days in advance is advised.
  • Join “rewards’ programs that are offered by hotels. These may not save you much money right away, but you will be eligible for many discounts/freebies that are on offer (free nights, free wi-fi, etc.).
  • Staying longer makes it cheaper. Staying on for four nights instead of three may fetch huge benefits.
    In conclusion, doing sufficient research online is perhaps the best way to find the cheap travel deals.